Colleges are invited to Join the Irish College Network

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The Irish College Network is a new initiative which has been set up with the following aims:
1.  To bring together Irish Private Colleges in a representative group, for the purpose of taking the concerns of the private  education sector to official bodies, Government Departments, State Agencies, etc.
2.  To represent the member Colleges and Schools, in approaching Universities and Awarding bodies, for the purpose of obtaining collaborative agreements for the delivery of Higher Qualifications, Degrees, etc. at the member colleges and schools.
3.  To cooperate on Quality Assurance delivery, and sharing of resources, library, promotional material, etc.
4.  To have an Online presence, with use of website and social media linkages.
5.  To be a voice for the industry.
Now is the time for private education providers to unite together in common purpose for the good of the industry.
There is a clear need for private education providers to offer Degree and Higher education Courses, but when individual providers approach Universities to discuss such collaboration, it may not seem an attractive proposition for Universities, due to the numbers of students that one private provider could deliver.
By providers coming together in a group, with common aims, QA and a united strategy, to deliver a programme from a University in various geographical locations, the proposal carries a lot more weight, due to the numbers involved and the common quality assurance in place.
Linkedin Group
The Irish College Network has a Linkedin Group with over 200 group members, and the aim is to bring together International Students, Agents and Irish Colleges for the recruitment of students for Ireland.
The Group has a website, which is updated regularly, and once a new post is added to the site, each group member receives an email with a link to the new post.
Irish Colleges who join the Network will also benefit from additional numbers of student enquiries  being generated from the website.
I look forward to hearing from you, should you be interested in joining the Irish College Network.
Gerry Byrne,
Irish College Network.

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